This page is intended to assist Managers with their roles. Managers take on a very important role and are vital in the smooth running of sports teams.

Below we have outlined a guideline of the duties a Manager undertakes when managing a sports team.

The school will provide a team list with contact details for the team. This is when your role begins:
  • Email the team weekly to update them on game times and remind them to attend practice.
  • Sometimes draws change so you may need to keep an eye on both your email inbox and the sport website for any alterations to the draw.
  • If a player can't make the game, you are responsible for finding a sub / replacement /borrowing a player from another school team.
  • Liaise with the coach on all team matters.
  • Liaise with the school sports coordinator on any team issues / problems.
  • Keep a record of the sports equipment borrowed from school and ensure it is returned at the end of the season.
  • Send an email at the end of each term to remind players to register for the following term if they wish to still play (if applicable).
  • When possible attend all practices and games.

An excellent app that can be used to communicate with your team: