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Rippa Rugby

A non-contact game designed to maintain the skills of rugby but without the contact tackling. 'Tackles' are made by ripping a tag from the attackers Velcro belt requiring the ball carrier to pass to another teammate.

Year 3/4 boys only and Year 3/4 girls only rippa - 7 a-side competition
Year 5/6 boys only and Year 5/6 girls only rippa - 10 a-side competition

Game Time: 10 minutes each way with 1 minute halftime break.
Field Size: Half size rugby field.
Mouth Guards: Recommended

The school will supply uniforms for the Year 6 students only. All other students are required to play in the school sports t-shirt and school sports shorts OR skort. These are available from our uniform supplier.
All players play in bare feet.


Thursday 4th May. Save day - Tuesday 9th May
Thursday 15th June. Save day - Tuesday 20th June
Thursday 10th August. Save day - Tuesday 15th August.

National Rippa Qualifier Tournament (for Year 5 / 6 only)
Wednesday 28th June. Save day - Friday 31st June

VENUE: Windsor Park, Mairangi Bay

Please check the Long Bay shop site for up to date costing.
There will be an additional cost for buses to transport teams to and from the tournaments and this will be advised after the teams are formed.

Every team needs a coach and manager, and these are usually parents, grandparents or siblings of team players. Please give some thought to volunteering in one of these roles as we can't field teams without them. The school will supply training equipment and resources as needed.