Divisions are:
  • Mondays: Year 3&4: Mixed, Boys, Girls
  • Mondays: Year 5&6: Mixed, Boys, Girls
  • Tuesdays: Year 1&2: Mixed, Boys, Girls(new) - If not enough Year 1&2 Girls teams for a grade, they will be placed in Mixed grade.

  • Mixed teams must include a minimum of 3 girls on the field at all times (and a minimum of 4 girls registered).
  • All teams play right through until the last week, whether their grade has semi's and finals, or just a straight round robin.
  • The Year 1&2 competition play on a half touch field.

  • Monday afternoons - venue is Freyberg Park, Browns Bay
  • Tuesday afternoons - venue is Freyberg Park, Browns Bay
  • Please take all litter with you. Leaving a mess will jeopardize use of the grounds in future.

  • Games are two 15 minute halves, with no half time break.
  • On Mondays game times are 3.45pm, 4.15pm, 4.45pm, 5.15pm, 5.45pm, 6.15pm.
  • On Tuesdays, game times are 4.00pm, 4.30pm, 5.00pm.
  • The Y1&2s tend to play the earlier game times, and the Y5&6 the later times. But there are some overlaps, and often double-headers.

  • It is a 9 week competition:
  • First Round Games begin: Mon 17th & Tues 18th October 2016
  • Final Round Games: Mon 12th & Tues 13th December 2016

  • Season draws, and weekly results will be published on: www.localtouch.co.nz

  • This season we will be requiring registration of players completed ONLINE via the Touch New Zealand registration system.
  • The new system is designed to reduce workload and duplication as much as possible for administrators / team managers, at Module, Province and National level.
  • A link and instructions will be emailed out to team managers. This will be done in September/October.
  • Team Managers will have the ability to add details of their team players themselves or email each player a unique link to update their own details.
  • Teams must be registered in the online system before their first game *17 or 18 October.

  • A copy of the Rules & Regulations are available on our website - www.localtouch.co.nz.
  • The Touch NZ 8th Edition rules will apply unless otherwise stated.
  • Year 3&4: Coaches may support the players on field for the first two weeks.
  • Year 1&2: Coaches may support the players on field for the entire season. As Year 1&2 are learning the game, there are a couple of adjustments to the rules:
    • Defence cannot move until the dummy half has passed the ball.
    • The referees can allow a bit of flexibility with 'forward passes' and 'off the mark'.
    • Although not a hard and fast rule, coaches should show courtesy to the opposition to allow them to get organised and set up on defence.

1 Scoring: A touchdown will be awarded when a player places the ball on or over the scoreline prior to being touched.
A touchdown will be worth one point.
2 Substitution Box: Teams may interchange players at any time. Players coming on to the field may not do so until the
player being replaced has come off. Substitutions must occur at or within the appropriate team‟s substitution box.
3 Possession: A change of possession shall occur:–
  • After the 6th touch.
  • When dummy half touched while in possession (refer No. 10).
  • After incorrect rollball (refer No. 7).
  • When ball to ground.
  • When a player in possession steps out of the field of play (refer No. 14).
  • Whenever the referee indicates.
Play is restarted with a rollball at a change of possession.
4 Passing: A player may pass, flick, knock, throw or otherwise deliver the ball to any onside player in the attacking
team. Passing forward is NOT permitted.
5 The Tap: The tap is taken by placing the ball on the ground on the mark, releasing from both hands, tapping the ball
with the foot a distance of not more than one metre and retrieving it cleanly. Any player from the attacking team may
take the tap.
6 The Penalty: A player/team will be penalised when they infringe particular rules. When a player/team is penalised the
opposing team shall restart play with a tap. The defending team must retire ten metres from the mark until the ball is
7 Rollball: A means of restarting play. Players must perform the rollball on the mark while facing their opponent‟s
defending shoreline by rolling the ball backwards between their legs a distance of not more than one metre. Players
must not delay performing the rollball.
8 The Touch: Players from both teams are permitted to initiate the touch. A touch constitutes contact with any part of
the body, ball, clothing or hair. A minimum of force is to be used at all times. The team in possession is entitled to 6
9 Touch and Pass: A player is not to pass the ball after a touch has been made.
10 The Dummy Half: The dummy half is a person who picks up the ball after a team-mate has performed a rollball.
11 Offside/Onside: After a touch has been made all defending players must retire 5 meters from the mark. Defenders
cannot move up until the dummy half has touched the ball.
12 Sideline: If a player with the ball touches or crosses the sideline s/he is deemed to be out of play and a change of
possession occurs. Play restarts with a rollball up to 5 metres in from when the player went out. If a touch is made
before player goes out, then the touch counts.
13 Obstruction: Players of the attacking team are not to obstruct defending players from attempting to effect a touch.
Defending players are not to obstruct/interfere with attacking players supporting the ball carrier.
14 The Field of Play: The field is 70m long (shoreline to shoreline) and 50m wide. Substitution boxes measuring 20m x
5m shall be on both sides of the field. Touchdown zone is the area beyond the shoreline.
15 Team Composition: A team may consist of up to 14 registered players. A maximum of seven are allowed on the field
at any one time. A minimum of five is required to play.
16 The Toss: The captain winning the toss shall receive possession of the ball and a choice of direction and substitution
box. The Referee will supervise the toss.
17 Duration: The game shall be 14 minutes each way with a 1 minute break at half time. Associations may alter the
duration of games to suit their particular requirements.
18 Extra Time and the Drop Off: When a match is drawn and a single winner is required, extra time is played and teams
drop off players every two minutes. The first team to score a Touchdown wins the match once both teams have had
19 Player Attire: All team members must be correctly attired in team uniforms. Footwear with moulded soles are
permitted. Bare feet, spikes and footwear with screw-in studs are not permitted. Players are not to wear any item of
jewellery that might be dangerous.
20 The Referee: The referee is the sole judge on matters of fact and is required to adjudicate on the rules of the game
during play. The referee may impose any sanction necessary to control the game. All officials, players and coaches
involved in the game are under the control of the referee.
21 Foul Play will Not be Tolerated: Any foul play (the referee being the sole judge) will result in the offending player
being penalised, sent to the sin bin for up to 5 minutes, or being sent from the field for the remainder of the game,
depending on the severity of the offence.
22 Mixed Teams: A mixed team can be made up of any ratio of male/female players. The team is not permitted to field
more than three male players or not less than one male player at any time.
23 Please see the Module rules for Year 1-4 adjusted rules.

Code for Players & Team Officials
1. Play the game for enjoyment.
2. Play by the Laws of the Game.
3. Never argue with the referee. Let your captain ask any relevant questions.
4. Play with control. Do not lose your temper.
5. Play for yourself and your team – your team‟s performance will benefit and so will
your own.
6. Be a „good sport‟. Applaud all good play whether by your team mates or by your
7. Respect your opponents. Treat all players, as you would like to be treated.
8. Co-operate with team officials, your team-mates and your opponents.
9. At the final whistle applaud and thank your opponents and the referee for the match.
10.Play hard but fairly, never set out to injure your opponent/s.
11.Win with humility – lose with dignity.
Code for Spectators
1. Do not use profane language or harass referees, players or coaches.
2. Remember, you are there to encourage and support your own team not to denigrate
or to abuse the opposition in any way.
3. Applaud good play by the opposition as well as good play by your own team.
4. Show respect for your team‟s opponents. Without them there would not be a match.
5. Condemn the use of violence in all forms at every opportunity.
6. Verbal abuse of players or referees cannot be accepted in any shape or form.
Players or referees are not fair targets for rude behaviour.
7. Encourage players to play by the Laws of the Game.
 Harassment and profane language on and off the field will not be tolerated. If you
cannot abide by the Code, think twice about playing at this Module. The majority
come to play touch and enjoy their social time with their friends and family. We will
not have children having to watch bad behaviour and listen to profane language.
 One warning will be given to any person not obeying this Code of Conduct. A repeat
offence will result in expulsion from this Module.